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Wedding Cake Day

Well the day finally arrived, when I made my friends wedding cake. It was great fun to do, but any of my cakemaker friends will be glad to know I won’t be taking it up as a profession !!! I am so pleased I could do this for Carolyne and Liam.It was a very hot… Continue reading Wedding Cake Day

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Making of a Stage Set (Part 5)

So we have gathered banner stands and have the print well on the way now, but we need to find the materials to make the columns and statues from. I have lots of old ribbon and have decided to use that to help make the statues for the smaller pillars. I also have the colours… Continue reading Making of a Stage Set (Part 5)

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Making of a Stage Set (Part 4)

So our main aim is to make a stage set which is fully removable for the event that will be taking place between the 2 performances in the hall. This then also means that the set needs to be light and quick to put in place, which made me think that instead of the usual… Continue reading Making of a Stage Set (Part 4)


Making Of A Stage Set (Part 3)

Today the focus is backdrops. We have been very lucky for our school production that Inca will hopefully be providing us with a wonderful enormous print from one of their printers. The prints is going to be 3.2m wide and 1.6m high and we need to create the digital image to be able to send… Continue reading Making Of A Stage Set (Part 3)

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Custom Confetti

There are some days that we have lots of order and there are some days we have few. Then there are the days when we have a number of supersized orders, like today. Not only will 350 of our terracotta pots be going out today, but we are also working on a project for ICG… Continue reading Custom Confetti