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Custom Confetti

There are some days that we have lots of order and there are some days we have few. Then there are the days when we have a number of supersized orders, like today. Not only will 350 of our terracotta pots be going out today, but we are also working on a project for ICG medical, who are a medical recruitment company about to have a large event. They wanted soem of our table confetti and when we said we could probably make this into something like their logo, they sent us through a copy of their image for us to try.icg-medical-light-background20160525_120152[1]      After playing around for a little while we were confident we could offer the ICG logo shown on the right of the picture in the volume they required and with a quick turnaround. We have done some company logos in the past and are always up for a challenge. So if you have an event coming up and your company, club or society would like their very own custom confetti, we are happy to see if we can provide the right pattern designed for you. 

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