How to Make Tissue Paper Wrap Favours

These tissue paper wraps are perfect to give your guests any type of bulbs. They are pretty, colour bursts and very cheap to make. We used a Hyacinth bulb and bright ribbon then tied on a tag bearing planting instructions, and skeleton leaf to pose as real leaves. At home, guests will peel back the petals to reveal a  bulb brimming with potential and just waiting to take root.

Tools and Materials:

  • Flower bulbs (1 Hyacinth or Dahlia bulb, a couple of daffodil or Tulip bulbs or a few crocus, snowdrop or tete a tete bulbs)
  • Tissue paper (1 sheet per bulb/favour)
  • String or thin ribbon for tying
  • Ribbon

Tissue Paper Wrap How-To:

  1. Download the Template for the wrap, and print onto standard printer paper. Cut out template; Take the tissue paper and fold the sheet in half 3 times, making sure you fold the longest side each time, then lay the template on top of folded tissue paper, aligning straight edges of template with the two folded edges of the tissue paper. Trace lightly around the template, and then cut on the line to create a tissue-paper dahlia. Open tissue paper, which should give you 2 circles of cut paper and rotate top sheet slightly so the petal tips are staggered.tissuelayout
  2. Wrap the bulb in another layer of tissue paper from your offcuts. Remember to wear gloves if you are using Hyacinth bulbs as they can be an irritant to skin. Place it in the center of the tissue-paper wrap. Pull up the tissue-paper wrap around the bulb, drawing the sides up and to the center; secure with string (leave ends long for now).tiedwrap
  3. You could add a tag to personalise these should you wish with your initials and wedding date.
  4. You can also add an instruction tag to the bulb.
  5. Place an initials tag on top of an instructions tag, to the bulb if you wish.
  6. Thread string through the holes and tie; trim ends.
  7. Wrap a pretty ribbon around to cover up the string, and tie. If you use a green ribbon this can look like a leaf.finished

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