The Language of Flowers

Floriography or the language of flowers, was created in the Victorian-era was a means of communication in which various flowers and mixtures of flowers were used to send coded messages, allowing the upright citizens of the Victorian time to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. We have taken some of the main flower used at weddings here and given their meaning. Some flowers it depends on the colour of the flower as well as the type (for example roses). It may be an interesting way of bringing some meaning to your wedding flowers.
Amaryllis: Pride
Anemone: Unfading Love
Arum/Calla: Ardor
Asparagus Fern: Fascination
Aster: Daintiness
Baby’s Breath:Pure of Heart
Campanula: Thinking of You
Molucella: Luck
Cabbage Flowers: Profit
Broom: Humility
Red Carnation:Deep Romantic Love
White Carnation: Sweet and Lovely
Pink Carnation: A Woman’s Love
Yellow Carnation: Rejection
Green Carnation: Followers of Oscar Wilde
Red Chrysanthemum: I Love
Daffodil: Chivalry
Dahlia: Elegance and dignity
Daisy: Innocence
Delphinium: The ability to transcend the bounds of space and time.
Forget Me Not: True Love
Gardenia: Secret Love
Hibiscus: Rare Beauty
Freesia: Friendship
Hydrangea: Heartlessness
Iris: Good News
Ivy: Endurance
Lavender: Devotion
Lilac: first emotion of love
White Lily: Purity
Red Lily: High-souled aspirations
Orange Lily: Desire and Passion
Lily of the Valley: Sweetness
Amaranthus: Hopelessness
Orchid: Refined Beauty
Peony: Bashfulness
Sunflower: Pure and lofty thoughts
Red Tulip: Declaration of Love
Wheat: Wealth and Prosperity
Red Rose: True Love
White Rose: Eternal Love
Yellow Rose: Friendship
Pink Rose: Grace
Orange Rose: Desire
Lilac Rose: Love at First Sight

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