Making Of A Stage Set (Part 3)

Today the focus is backdrops. We have been very lucky for our school production that Inca will hopefully be providing us with a wonderful enormous print from one of their printers. The prints is going to be 3.2m wide and 1.6m high and we need to create the digital image to be able to send to them, so they can print our desired scene.As the play starts in Israel and moves onto Egypt we need something that would be a great vista for both places. So with this in mind we started looking for high resolution images of desert scenes (without pyramids, camels or palm trees). We used photoshop to make our final image, as we were using a full scale size print at 300dpi resolution.Our initial find was this desert picture, but we thought that the sky was very gloomy.595192So we decided that we may need to ‘photoshop’ it a little and bring in a better sky and maybe give the dunes an added punch of red, but also brighter.For our sky we decided a beach scene would maybe give us a wide sky picture and help to create the perfect brighter day. We found this high resolution image to use online.sea_beach_sky_high_resolution_picturesSo then just a case of amalgamating the two images with a little cropping, magic eraser and some colour editing and hey presto our final backdrop was completed. This sounds very simple, but when you don’t use photoshop normally, as I am much more of a web based graphics girl, there was a steep learing curve to get over. Anyway I am very pleased wit hthe finsihed result.Desert Backdrop smallAll fingers are crossed now that the file is acceptable and in the right format etc. and they can get it printed on time for the performances.

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