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Making of a Stage Set (Part 4)

So our main aim is to make a stage set which is fully removable for the event that will be taking place between the 2 performances in the hall. This then also means that the set needs to be light and quick to put in place, which made me think that instead of the usual set we have the school productions of just one scene, what if we had a set that would change to the places the play was being set in. We have 4 main places in Joseph and his Techinicolour Dreamcoat. The story starts in Israel and then moves to a wealthy mans house in Egypt. Joseph is then thrown in Jail, by said wealthy man and then moves on to Pharaoh’s Palace.Whatever the plan for these areas we need to make sure it was freestanding and relatively flat to make sure there is plenty of space on the stage. My next idea was to use old banner stands, like they have at exhibitions to make scene strips. I asked some of our exhibitors at the wedding show if anyone had any they were going to be throwing out and had a wonderful response and not have 8 banner stands, which we can use to change up to the areas we need.The large desert backdrop can be used as an outside scene in Israel and then by adding banner stands we can change the stage to have ornate Egyptian columns for the weathly mans house, which frame the outside view of the desert, we cna then add some statues on banner stands to make it Pharaohs Palace and the Jail…..well that will have to wait for another part of the making.At the moment I am planning the columns and you can see my drawing idea below:IMG_20160614_0001

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