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Making of a Stage Set (Part 5)

So we have gathered banner stands and have the print well on the way now, but we need to find the materials to make the columns and statues from. I have lots of old ribbon and have decided to use that to help make the statues for the smaller pillars. I also have the colours I am hoping achieve for the columns to make the feel of the Egyptian scene come to life.I have decided to go to our local recycling centre, which has a wonderful resource centre for arts and craft project underneath and see what they have to make the images come to life and as it is half term week, I am going to be taking the boys with me to help.Our first need is something to cover the advertising on the banner stands. We are in luck when we find a huge roll of brown paper. This will be a wonderful cover and make the walls behind the columns and statues look like a stone wall.We then need to find something that will make the columns look like they are made of stone and the plinths for the statues to sit on 2. Ideally we are looking for a couple of textures that would work, so they look different. Our first find is some wallpaper which is mottled browns and creams and we then find a cream wallpaper with a great texture. Both of these will make a great stone. The mottled will be used for the columns and then the texture paper for the statue plinths.IMG_20160614_0002Next onto paint…from my plan of the columns, I could do with finding Turquoise, Royal Blue, Magenta/Burgundy and Gold. The resource centre are donated lots of differnt things and one of these are the small match/test pots of paint. Perfect for our project. We leave Oli to find what he can on the tester pots while we look for other materials. Oli does a great job and finds everything apart from the blue and a metallic gold. He also find a grey, which he thinks would be great for hieroglyphics on the walls behind the staue plinths.IMG_20160614_0003While there I am also aware that I am going to need to make a costume for Owen, as Jacob and we look for fabric that would work well for this. We find a great golden fabric, which will be perfect for this cloak.So we have armfuls of bits to take home with us and will hopefully make most of the schemes come to like and all for only £12 !!! 

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