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Summer Wedding Twists: Frozen Drinks

So as a kid, I always loved a slush puppie and as a adult that love of frozen drinks has not diminished. Looking at some of these wonderful frozen cocktails and coolers, makes me think I may have been missing out on something sticking to my usual strawberry daiquiri. These would be perfect on a hot day at a reception. All the links to the recipes for these are at the bottom of the page.drinksTo find the recipes for these lovely drinks, please follow the links below:White Wine and Strawberry Lemonade: Fancy ShantySparkling Mango Sorbet Floats: Kitchen ConfidantePineapple Sorbet Wine Cooler: My Diary of UsRed Wine Ice Cream Floats: Mind Over BatterMoscato Float: The Taylor HousePeach Moscato Slushies: Divas Can CookStrawberry Riesling Smoothie: Melissa Kaylene

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