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The Making Of A Stage Set (Part 2)

The next stage of making the stage set for Joseph and his Tecnhicolour Dreamcoat is to work out how to work around the restrictions. The first restriction is that there must be as much space on the stage for the huge cast that will be appearing. The second restriction is that the whole scenery must be as removable as possible, as there will be other things going on in the hall between the show performances and the third restriction is the budget or lack of.banner standMy first ideas centred around the space and removable concepts and how this could be achieved. Anything on the stage will need to be freestanding and also light if these are going to be moved. With my knowledge of events and how we have to have freestanding items, my thoughts immediately turned to exhibition banner stands. These are portable, light freestanding image holders normally used for advertising, but could also be used for exhibitions and are normally printed. This thought aside and requiring something that looked more in keeping with Egypt, I wondered if it would be possible to paint onto these. Of course then the third restriction came into force, budget. I have a large number of exhibitors now for the show, so asked them if anyone was getting rid of some banner stands (renewing their advertising) and if so would it be possible to have the old stands. A few e-mails later and we were offered 4 old banner stands from 2 different companies (with thanks to Wallis and Sons Cars and Clover Cottage Creations).So this now sorted 4 items we can add to the stage, but what about a backdrop. Currently the stage is normally put against the window side of the hall with a mid-brown curtain closed behind. So we need somehow to create a background to look like Egypt/Israel that would work well in both scenarios, but how to get the effect we need. printeMy husband came up with the best option as well as a very big ask. He works as an engineer and one of his customers, Inca, make some of the largest printers in the world. We hoped that if we designed the backdrop we would be able to ask if they would print our backdrop as one of their test prints they run every 21 days or so, as the printers come off the production line. We are delighted that Inca were pleased to offer us this print for the production, which we know will create a wonderful backdrop for the show. The print will be around 3.2m wide and 1.6m high. Perfect to create the desert scene……. Just needs a little design time now to work out the rest !!!

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