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The Making Of A Stage Set (Part 1)

I am not only the owner of Wedding Workshop and the organiser of The Newmarket Wedding Show, but I am also a mum to 2 boys (11 and 8), who with their father are the highlight of my life. They offer me support (sometimes) and in return I like to help them as much as possible. This more normally takes the form of helping with Homework, Reading Records and of course getting ready for Spelling Tests. It also means helping put tents up at Cub Camp and making as much cake as they need for bake sales or just their friends, but once a year I like to do something bigger with/for them and so like last year, this year I will be helping to create the scenery for the School Summer Production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. This is of course not all altruistic, as this is the only year that both of my children will be performing in the same performance, probably ever. My eldest son who is in year 6 now has the part of Jacob (the Father of Joseph and his 11 brothers) and laughs about the fact his sons keep calling him Dad. We are still to find out which song my younger son will get involved in, but if judging by every other school performance we have seen at their Primary School, it will be wonderful. There is so much work that goes into these productions, it only seems fair that we put in the work and give them a set to match.

To throw a small spanner into the works, due to one of the local Secondary Schools holding their transition week near the end of term, the school production has been pushed into the last week of term and has been split to have performances on the Monday and Wednesday and the school and leavers disco on the Tuesday night. With this in mind the whole set needs to be easily removable from the hall and easy to replace. We also need to make sure that there are no trip hazards and that as much of the stage space is available, as with such a large cast everyone needs to have some space.

The story of Joseph, is set in 4 main places: Israel, and in an Egypt inside a Prison, Rich Man’s House and the Pharaohs Palace. The school set is normally a single set which can’t be altered but gives the impression of the overall place, for example last year’s set designed by Rachel Dennis for the Jungle book really created layers of leaves and vines which looked like the forest and worked superbly well. There are so many different requirements for the Joseph set though, I would like to be able to offer them something different and so I am thinking along the lines of a layered freestanding construction. 

jungle book

This of course is all on no budget and will be a beg and borrow basis. I won’t be going as far as the steal, but I am sure there are some lovely people that will donate things to the cause. 

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