The Newmarket Wedding Show Pom Pom Display

Sunday 20th January saw the 9th Newmarket Wedding Show at the Rowley Mile Racecourse. As show organisers we wanted to create a display that would capture the imagination and give ideas to everyone. We decided to embark on our biggest display yet, which involved 78 pom poms.

The first thing I did was measure the space we had to create the display in. The display was going to be suspended across the void beneath the large video wall in Newmarket Racecourse. You can see this opposite. The staircase is 13.5m across and gives a drop including the well of around 2.7m.
The plan for the hanging display can be seen below.
The overall plan used 78 pom poms in 26 colours, showing a combination of the small medium and large size pom poms. The display was a 3 dimensional plan with 3 rows of evenly spaced pom poms with various heights to give a layered effect.
We then took the plan and created a table to show the various pom pom sizes in location with length of strings. Each pom pom was tied with fishing line on its length and a small paperclip attached to the other end. This would then hang over one of the 3 horizontal lines which were suspended between the bannister rails. I made 3 sets of velcro straps with D ring attachements to p[lace these onto the rails, but still be able to move them.
Over the 2 weeks prior to the show we made and fluffed the pom poms with only around 20 left for me to get ready on the set up morning. The fluffing of pom poms does take some time, but it is possible to do these at home and if you gently put these into a car, transport them to your venue and with a quick shake they come back to their full beauty.
As always I would love to have taken photos along the way, but as ever this was forgotten, but the finished display looked wonderful and just like the plan (to my pleasure and surprise).
The display from head on angle, gave the impression of hanging with nothing holding it. It was also a great interactive display with many people tocuhing the pom poms on their way up the stairs and a slight bounce if a breeze got around them.
The view from the bannisters looking directly at the pom poms showed them going out in front of us. You can just see the horizontal lines where the light catches them, but this did appear invisible until close inspection was made.
My personal favourite view though had to be from the bottom, with a sea of fluffy pom poms reaching out in front of you. You can just make out the paperclips shining in the lights.
This had to be one of my most favourite projects I have done and I hope it inspires you todo something similar.

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